• Anti-terrorism / force protection (ATFP or HE)

• Earthquakes, hurricanes & tornadoes

• Educational security and protection

• Vapor cloud explosions (VCE or LE)

• Industrial accidents

• Oil drilling site protection

• Guard shacks, entry control point buildings

• Hazardous chemical storage

• Tool & component protection buildings

Providing Protection Against Serious Threats

• Engineering & blast simulations completed by Protective Technologies LLC (formerly Protective Technologies Group) in San Diego, CA

• Laboratory testing completed at University of California - San Diego Englekirk Structural Engineering Center

• Real-world testing completed at ARA - Pecos Research and Testing Center in Pecos, TX



Blast Resistant Modules

Protection Capabilities

•  Resistant against blasts up-to 63 psi (321 psi msec impulse)

•  Proprietary steel alloy stud

•  Flame retardant construction materials

•  Sure-Board® interior & exterior sheathing

•  Alloy stud assembly with a higher strength than mild-steel

•  Wall system provides ballistic protection up to UL Level 10(.50 caliber Browning)

• Optional roof system provides overhead pre-detonation of ordnance.

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